7 years

by Mortal Boy

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a collection of sounds past and present that appropriately represents the 7 year span and progression of the music i create. In the end, im just a fanboy that is just paying homage to the type of music and bands i love..


released March 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Mortal Boy Los Angeles, California

10 years of hopeless romance, passion, and dreams. A solo artist based in l.a. venturing in the sounds of post punk, new wave, dark wave and goth. may your music be dark, but your heart stay bright.

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Track Name: Dark Dancer Girl
the beat is set in motion come closer so i can see you move perfectly
in your own music violence.
"shh, cant you see im dancing"
but why can't you see me?
where can i find the confidence
to show you my heart that shares your very darken world
filter out the common the world
no more noise but our own
lets dance untill we all die
can two new wave kids fall in love?
oh my dark dancer girl
can we go somewhere more quiet than here?
so i can kiss my way into your heart
bullet proof you seem to be but not after this whiskey
now you can fully be mine
the constitution we all fall for the shadows of a night in the dark dance rooms of L.A.
feel the price we all way, now that we are on our way
out the door from this life
oh my dark dancer girl
Track Name: Alone again, but it'll be okay
oh why can't i fly fly in skies that leads me into a light
where being alone feels alright
this time as the years pass by, i thrive to strive
without you or no one, i think im going to win this time
without love or shelter, i think im going to lose this time
but how i miss the sight of her eyes locked on mine
Track Name: Nowhere Somewhere
nothing is happening
sinking so fast
bringing the low
cant you cut me a slice?
routine and circles are killing me
sorry a myth never been the station guide
i miss where love is all you have
now i dont even have that
my sleeping sloth feeding it till it dies
untill i am king
nowhere some where anywhere but here please let me go to find out where i should go
nowhere somewhere anywhere but here go where no where give me somewhere to go
movers and shakers, dreamers dreaming movers and shakers
falling egos and my confidence slowly slipping
got to start breeding before i disappear
no more sunshine before you finish....
Track Name: Ready and Alive
being alone feels so great
till your alone, wishing for a mate
pleasuring yourself to fill the void
emptiness, you miss her face
ive spent the past year chasing your ghost
never really focusing on bettering my self
this is getting old

this is getting old
gaining, losing a soul to find the one
theres no point to hide from this feeling of going blind from love
will there ever be someone like you for me this time again

struggling to make light of this
happiness, always one step ahead
this is getting old, will it ever change?
will i ever change?
Track Name: Death at 30
they told me im precious
age is misleading
the young and mighty destroys our wisdom

lies lies, dies dies
death at 30

the wrinkles are coming
your body cant stomach
cant drink like you use to
nor love like you use to

quit while youre pretty
youll only get ugly
they told me theres something
after 30 theres nothing
die, die
lie, lie to me

my time has come, should i stay or go?
Track Name: Bitter Old Machine
two steps forward one step back machine
clinging on to that fading youth machine
can you make me feel alive again
can you make me feel alive again
self aware deterioration so mean
admitting substance played a part agreed
can you make me feel alive again
nevermind ill sleep to empty
closing doors from the past i cant
retrospect of my dialect so vain
will i be a champion of the one who made it this far bitter old machine
Track Name: I Found You
Theres something in the air again, oh yes ive felt way this before.
my heart is beating again, it soars.
Bittersweet memories, knowing her hand is held by another,
theres some hope in sight but coated in grey
Only a chance i dream that she can see what i could be ,
Im ready to leave my past behind with this new sense of promise,
but surely to be let down again by timing like this...
back to wander in the sea of faces, lost and lonely with bitter traces..
knowing shes out there living.. but living without me..
oh this air ive felt before... the sight of my desires right ahead..
getting what i want never more
oh will her feather fall on me oh please, i found you, but will you find me one day
Track Name: Last one before i go (for tara)
ast one before i go
wake up! its time to go
pack up your razor blades
its time to go and face the world we cant change
but i dont want to leave the show, i wish life was just a movie